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About Discovery Bicycle Tours

Who We Are

Discovery Bicycle Tours is a family-owned bicycle tour company specializing in outstanding cycling tours with a personal touch and top-notch service. When you travel with Discovery, expect superb biking, dining and lodging — in extraordinary places.

Scott and Thistle Cone run the company with the help of incredible staff members and tour leaders. They want to share their love of biking, travel and outdoor adventures with others — like you!

Scott is an avid cyclist who has over 25 years of experience in marketing for high-tech, travel and retail clients. Thistle enjoys cycling to savor the views, get exercise and justify tasty meals. She worked in non-profit editing and copywriting for over 12 years, and has a background in natural resources and education. The couple has explored a variety of bicycle destinations and tours in the U.S. and abroad.


Thistle and Scott joined the Discovery Bicycle Tours team in May of 2018 — taking the reins from Larry and Dawn Niles, who ran the company for 27 years. It was started by Bob McElwain in 1977 as Bike Vermont. The name was changed to Discovery Bicycle Tours in 2010.

Discovery Bicycle Tours is headquartered in Woodstock, Vermont, and offers more than 100 trips a year in:
• New England and Quebec
• Mid-Atlantic states and Florida
• Mississippi, Texas and Washington State
• Italy, France and Spain
• Scotland, Ireland and Denmark
• Germany, Luxembourg & France
• Chile, South America
• England, UK
• With new locations being added each year